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Yaroslav Amosov. I'm ready for the fights with any rivals... Interview.

31 May 2014

Yaroslav Amosov.  I'm ready for the fights with any rivals...  Interview.

Yaroslav Amosov (5-0-0, Ukraine).

Website Profc.com.ua interviewed Yaroslav Amosov, World and European Combat Sambo Champion.

In 2013 Yaroslav Amosov made himself known as one of the most promising young fighters of Ukrainian Combat Sambo Federation and MMA League GEFC. Fighter which was only twenty years old won a gold medal at the European Men’s Combat Sambo Championship in Odessa. He also became by Combat Sambo World Men’s Champion in Moscow. Thanks to him, Ukrainian team took the first team place at the European Championships and became by the leader in the number of gold medals in the World Championship. In 2012-2013 Amosov successfully held five professional fights and his opponents hadn’t any chances to win.

Amosov had the most difficult fight with Vadim Sandulskiy (Russia) in Plotforma S-70 professional MMA tournament of in Sochi (Russia) in August 2013. The high level of the tournament confirmed a lot of guests of honor. There were Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the leader of the Public movement “Ukrainian choice" , Honorary President of Ukrainian Combat Sambo Federation Victor Medvedchuk , Fedor Emelyanenko and many others among the guests.

We started our conversation with Yaroslav Amosov from the discussion about his famous fight with Vadim Sandulskiy.

- You really wasn’t the favorite of that fight: there were only three wins in your asset, and you won unknown fighters, but Sandulskiy had 5 wins and 2 losses. Nor anyone has beat him but Habib Nurmagomedov!  Sandulsky also won very strong fighters: Eugeniy Fomenko (Ukraine) Bagautdin Abbasov (Russia) and others.

- I also think that nobody expected I could win in this fight. It was really the most difficult in my fighter's career. I felt that my breathing was not good after the second round. So Sandulskiy became in full mount and began to break methodically my defense in the end of the second round. I went all out and only tried not to miss his strikes. I was almost exhausted when the gong rang. Therefore I felt I must do something to turn the course of the fight. Fortunately, Sandulsky was also very tired, though he was breathing better than I. He made ​​a mistake at last and gave me the opportunity to spend a rear naked choke.

- What was the fight plan?

- Firstly I planned to fight in a stand and later to move the fight in a parter. I knew he wrestled worse than I, and he also couldn’t harm me in a stand.

- What opinions about this fight were there?

- A lot of people thanked me after this fight and wished more success. That was brightly and beautiful, they said. But my trainer, Fedor Seredyuk , which, incidentally, was my second in this fight, said briefly: "Well done, but you still have work hard! " And I believe to my coach more than to spectators of the fight.

I would like to thank the Honorary President of Combat Sambo Federation of Ukraine Viktor Medvedchuk for help in Ukrainian athletes trip organization to the tournament in Sochi. It was very pleased to get a cup of the winner from his hands. Viktor Medvedchuk was very satisfied with our participation in this competition.

- Tell, please, about your last fight in Kiev in the 8th of December, 2013. Are you surprised with Valeriy Shpak from Byelarus?

- I honestly did not think that this fight would pass so quickly. That, perhaps, surprised me. I could use my opponent's mistake and quickly won...

- What can you say about Combat Sambo World Cup 2013 in Moscow?

- I had four fights, I won all them on points. The fight with Habib’s brother, Abubakar Nurmagomedov, was the most difficult for me. He was very strong fighter, and I lost the first half of the fight. Nurmagomedov could firmly grab my jacket and though I did not missed his strikes I could not withstand his onslaught. But my opponent lost smell at once in the middle of the round, and I was able to seize the initiative and won this fight. In the end I had the title of the Combat Sambo World Champion.

- You weighed 82 kg In Moscow, and 77 kg in Sochi. What is your comfortable fighting weight?

- Once I increased the weight up to 87 kg. But best of all I feel in the weight 82-84 kg. I had to drop a lot of excess weight to go to Sochi. Now I'm only twenty years old, and my body is still growing. It's hardly to predict what weight class would be more comfortable for me after several years.

- How did combat sambo come in your life? What prompted you to go in this sport?

- The desire to be strong. When I was 15 years old, I came home one day and told to my stepfather that I would like to go in any kind of martial arts. Then I wanted to go for Thai boxing, but my stepfather, who at one time was engaged in combat sambo, said: "I have something better for you ." And he took me in Kiev’s club "Hermes". Thus I became with a combat sambo fighter. I could not say that it was very difficult for me there: we mainly focused on general physical training in the first year. And then I was invited to fight in Ukrainian Youth Championship. My loss in the final made me very sad but also gave me a great impulse for further development. I got into it is not the same as before: I was going to training every day, getting experience purposefully. You may say that I become by professional fighter after the loss...

- How did this sport change your life?

- Sport gave me the purposefulness and the confidence. And now it is not just about sport, but my studies, my life in general. If I set something as an object, then I do all possible to achieve it, I go to the end. Because of what the learning is easier for me than for others. In addition, the administration of the National University of State Tax Service, where I am learning now, countenance my athletics. They are proud of my success.

- Do your parents worry about you?

- My mother is happy of my victories , but she doesn’t look my fights. My granny doesn’t look my fights too. The first thing I asked when I call after the tournament: "It's okay, no injuries?" Even if I  go to wrest (my trainer of wrestling is Vadim Korytny and I take part in wrestling competition from time to time) she take it hard in any case. But my stepfather closely keeping up my career, watching my fights in the Internet and on TV…

- Did you have to apply your skills outside of the ring?

- No. There were no such moments in my life.

- What do you aspire to in sport?

- I want to come to America in UFC in a few years. I'm not ready for it now, but I will strive to achieve this aim.

- And what does attract you in UFC?

- Well, certainly not the money. Fighters elite from around the world have competed there. I want to show myself at the highest level...

- Who are your favorite fighters?

- Fedor Emelianenko (Russia) and Cain Velasquez (USA). I watch fights of many other champions too, following the career of different fighters, for example, of Habib Nurmagomedov (Russia).

- Many fighters believe in omens, in power of talismans… Do you have such things ?

- Actually, I have not. If you want to win you have to train well and to listen to his trainer. And then you wouldn’t need any talisman for your victory. It all depends on God and on every individual.

- What are your plans for this year?

- All the time I keep myself in a good shape, so I go to all training camp. I take part in tournament when it is possible. My competition graph is a case of my trainer. I'mreadyforthefightswithanyrivals...


Interview – Dmitriy Sinyak


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