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Dmitry and Vladislav Parubchenkos: "We are in different weights not to fight each other ". Interview

07 June 2014

Dmitry and Vladislav Parubchenkos: "We are in different weights not to fight each other ". Interview

Champion and winner of the Combat Sambo World Championship, Dmitry and Vladislav Parubchenkos: "We are in different weights not to fight each other ".

Website Profc.com.ua interviewed MMA brothers: Master of

Master of sports of international class in combat sambo Dmitry Parubchenko and masters of sports in combat sambo Vladislav Parubchenko.

Sometimes brothers reach the highest top of sport. We have seen it in the history of martial arts for several times. The most famous are, of course, Klitschkos brothers, keeping the palm in the most prestigious – the heavyweight division of professional boxing for many years. People, which are interested in MMA, know Emelyanenkos brothers. But it is really possible that the world will know about another fight tandem after 5-6 years: Parubchenkos brothers. They are promising young guys who just are twenty one years old. But they have the main point to enter world's fighter's elite: great talent, unconquerable will to win and incredible diligence. So twins have a lot of grave titles.

Dmitry Parubchenko is the Combat Sambo World Champion, the bronze medalist of European Combat Sambo Championship, the winner of the European Combat Sambo Cup, Champion of Ukraine and Champion of Combat Sambo Ukrainian Cup, master of sports of international class of Ukraine in combat sambo.

Vladislav Parubchenko is the medalist of the World Combat Sambo Championships and European Combat Sambo Cup, Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Ukrainian Combat Sambo Cup, master of sports of Ukraine in combat sambo.

As a professional fighter Dmitry Parubchenko had 3 fights which he won in. But most importantly, he was able to snatch the victory from Maxim Ivshin, who triumphantly fight in Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 46 later. There is only one loss in Ivshin’s record – from Dmitry Parubchenko ...

Vladislav Parubchenko has two wins on professional ring.

 - How did you come in combat sambo?

Dmitry Parubchenko: We weren’t in sport until fourteen years at all. All the free time we spent outdoors. But once upon a time our older friends, one after another went to the section of combat sambo in Hermes fight club (Kiev). And we couldn’t communicate with anybody. So we had no choice but to go to the same section ourselves. But over time, all of our friends left the club for different reasons. And we have not given up the trainings. We fall in love with combat sambo ...

 - What do you like in it? After all, this is very difficult and dangerous sport ...

Vladislav Parubchenko:We exactly like these things! Combat sambo is sport for real men. There are no faint of heart people in combat sambo. We wait for each new training as for a holiday.

 - What do your parents say about your enthusiasm for combat sambo?

Dmitry Parubchenko:They never dissuaded us from taking part in combat sambo trainings. They only asked us after every injury: «Guys, do you really need it?»

 - And do you really need?

Dmitry Parubchenko:We do! My brother and I want to get in the American promotion – UFC and to become by famous fighters. We want to make our country famous with our fights!

 - Whom of the world's elite fighters do you like? Who are your ideals in the octagon (ring)?

Vladislav Parubchenko:Daniel Cormier, Habib Nurmagomedov. They do not leave any chances to his opponents, showing the extraordinary skills.

 - You are twins, but Vladislav is a lightweighter. Why?

Dmitry Parubchenko:If we were in the same weight, we inevitably had to fight each other. And we should never agree for it. But, fortunately, Vladislav feel himself comfortable in the weight category “up to 66 kg”. I feel myself better in the weight category “up to 70 kg”.

 - Are there any benefits that both of you are in combat sambo? Is it easier to train for you?

Vladislav Parubchenko:Of course! We stimulate each other, not giving to stop the development of fighter’s skills. We run together in the mornings. We prepare our participation in tournaments together. We were in training camp recently, testing our strength in fights with athletes from France, Dagestan, Russia, Azerbaijan...

 - Do you study together?

Vladislav Parubchenko:Yes, at the National University of State Tax Service of Ukraine. They hold in high respect of our success in sport, helping us to take part in combat sambo’s competition.

 - You are twins, but Dmitry has more titles and more professional fights in his record. Why?

Dmitry Parubchenko:It's just luck. We train the same way, my brother is also a strong fighter. And I have more fights, because they need my weight more then his one. Promoters of this or that tournament needed a fighter in my weight class...

 - Why do you have such a big interval in your professional carrier: your last fight was two years ago, and Vladislav’s last fight was three years ago?

Dmitry Parubchenko:This is due to traumas. Vadik had a knee injury, and I had a broken facial bone. There were a lot of responsible competitions in amateurs then. For example, World Combat Sambo Championship in Moscow, which we have spoken about ...

 - Tell us a little about that Championship. Were fights difficult?

Dmitry Parubchenko:They were. I had losing one point almost all the regular time of my second fight with my opponent from Russia. But in the end I was able to snatch the victory.  I went forward, pressed my opponent all the time, I missed the hits, but pressed again. And he fizzled out at last...

 - And what Vladislav will say?

Vladislav Parubchenko:I made ​​a mistake and was caught on the armlock. My hand got stuck in a dangerous position and the opponent took advantage of it...

 - Who was the most difficult opponent in your professional carrier?

Dmitry Parubchenko:Maxim Ivshin. He is very strong and his strike technique is excellent. I missed a heavy hit during the fight, I was knocked down and didn’t almost see the opponent. Ivshin tried to finish the fight, but he could not. When we were picked up, I went to the parter, sat on his chest, punched him for several times and won with armbar.

 - What are your plans for this year? Have you fought somewhere this year?

Dmitry Parubchenko:We have a lot of plans. We are athletes of "Combat Sambo Promotion" company and we are fighters of “Hermes” Kiev’s club. The leaders of our company and our trainers – Fedor Seredyuk and Vadim Korytniy – know more about our concrete plans on future. Our task is to train well. We had the successful participation in Combat Sambo Cup of Ukraine as amateurs. We also took part in the international MMA tournament Unity in Yalta (Crimea) in the beginning of May. I won three fights and lost in the final to the famous Russian champion of Bellator – Magomedrasul Hasbulaev. Vladislav also took part in the international MMA tournament TECH-KREP FC «PRIME Crimea» in Crimea in Simferopol. He also won there.

We always try to be in good physical shape. We have every day trainings for 4 years. If you want to get the great tops, you have to train. If you are motivated right, then there is no desire to retreat, and you go all out on 100 % in your trainings.

There are guarantees of victory: a good trainings and attention to trainer’s instructions.

- Have a good luck sports carrier and great achievements!

Dmitry Parubchenko:Thank you so much!

Vladislav Parubchenko:Thank you!

Interview – Dmitry Sinyak



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